In the new global marketplace, Overseas Transport Corporation (OVC) helps you deliver your shipments faster than your competion.

Our network of worldwide offices provides a team of global logistics experts with complete global tracking and computerization on a door to door basis. OVC offers you a complete menu of services to over 205 countries including:

  • International air and ocean transports
  • National transport
  • Door to door service
  • Expedites transport
  • Common and bonded warehousing
  • Industrial packing
  • Pharmaceautical / Cold Chain Transportation
  • Industrial and private moving
  • Customs operations
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Transport of art works
  • Insurance of transport
  • Global tracking and computerization

In Vietnam, Asean, Europe, American and worldwide, OVC provides customized transportation solutions to fit your individual requirements.

Our global transportation and logistics personnel listen and understand your requirements to provide you the most competitive service and rate package in the industry.

What ever the mode of transport, origin or the destination of your shipments, OVC is there to give you the competitive edge in the global marketplace.